Communication Strategies
Creating an efficient communications strategy is an art, and there are different approaches to this kind of planning. I will ask you a lot of questions, delve deep in the essence of your business, define its unique selling points, analyse its strengths and weaknesses. Together we will create a compelling and workable communication strategy.
Written Communications
Personal: Struggling with a motivational letter? Not sure how to answer an angry client? Your payment is long overdue? I am here to help you write that text.

Business: Holidays are just around the corner, and you haven't figured out your mailing yet. You have just done a brilliant rebranding, but are not sure how to talk about it and to whom. Your PR agent has just sent the third draft of a press-release and it is still not good. Talk to me first: I can make things better.
Co-branding Initiatives
Everyone loves a good collab and hates a bad one. When writing my MA dissertation, I researched the co-branding initiatives created by independent brands and emerging artists, and I have a vast portfolio of potential partners: both businesses and creatives. Using my tool for designing a perfect collaboration, I create relevant cobranding initiatives and help figure out whether you need it at all (offering something else instead!).
Communications for Artists
You are an artist and think visually. Artistic statements can be daunting, let alone the whole idea of personal brand building. And what about applying to prizes, residencies and grants? I will help you with the basics – and then some.
Communications in Arts
Does your gallery need a website, an Instagram account or both? How to plan your communications for a year full of art fairs and exhibitions? What kind of marketing materials you may need before an art fair? Let's tackle this together.
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