Communication Strategies
An efficient communications strategy is an art form. I help brands build structures from chaos, set targets, define KPIs and create compelling narratives to tie it all together. This is my artistic practice.
Artistic Collaborations
Everyone loves a good collab and hates a bad one.
I developed a methodology for creating a perfect collab: loved by the brand, the artist and the audience alike.
Communications for Artists
Artists are mostly visual thinkers. Writing an artistic statements can seem an impossible task, let alone the whole idea of personal strategy. And what about applying to prizes, residencies and grants? I help create artists' strategies, define key tactical steps and plan communications.
Communications in Arts
The art market has migrated to online, and its future is phygital. How should a commercial gallery, a museum or an art fair plan its communications? How to attract and retain your audience in the post-COVID era? I have got the answers.
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